8 de março de 2011

i can assure you i saw a dinosaur at my window.

it's like a drug, but without dinosaurs sat on my window. i saved money to invest in pain, but there isn't such market. i want a regular life. like waking up in a saturday morning, dressing pretty and going out with the aim of buying some fruits and pain. people don't realize the value of darkness with no pain attached is actually zero. it's like waiting for an announced life that had never come. i want to wear a dead person's coat cause it would make me believe. i wanna be a chargé d'affaires for pain. i'm not trying to wreck your life, i'm just trying to make mine better. no more linear thoughts, okay? i'm hungry for pain, that's it.

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  1. o coments 0 coments 0 coments....lol stevens, es tao popular no blogspot como eu! hurayyyyyy!