8 de junho de 2011

tomorrow will be the tomorrow i promised you yesterday.

everyone has point in their lives when they will go through grief and loss. let's make it now. because of ghosts. ghosts from the past. they're around, getting stronger and coming closer... haunting my mind. so tired of this background sound in my head. having said that, this is not the time nor the place. so, beast please be still.

7 de junho de 2011

suicide note

"la vie m'est insupportable... pardonnez-moi"

by dalida
can't avoid thinking marginalized people are the most interesting.

5 de junho de 2011

trapped into kieslowki's world.

i'm gonna make a pony club to myself and i'll be really happy.

1 de junho de 2011

era mais feliz se desconhecesse a existência da morte.