3 de junho de 2010

more than bent's ideas.

-stop it. seriously, you're hurting me.
-(pause) it was exciting.
-for you maybe. (pause) i'd never hurt you.
-i like being hurt, it's exciting.
-why did you have to spoil it? why couldn't you be gentle?
-i am.
-no. you are not. you tried to hurt me. i hurt enough. i don't want to feel more pain. why couldn't you be gentle?
-i am.
-(yelling) no. you're just like them.
-i don't understand you. i used to make things right.
-you still can.
-i want to make you happy.
-then be gentle with me.
-i don't know how.
-just hold me.
-i'm afraid to hold you.
-don't be.
-(whispering) i'm afraid.
-hold me, please. (pause) hold me.
-try it.
-(holding) it's nice.
-what's nice?
-it's nice to feel that as long as i'm holding you, you are safe.
-when will we get out of here?
-we'll go back someday.
-i didn't like it there, but i like it now. i miss it. (pause) is the gentle thing going to last?
-no. (getting back on work)

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